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The Calling - Graphic Novel

Collects Issues 1-5. Born out of "The Pit," one of the most dangerous and poverty stricken neighborhoods in Cortown, The Pit Crew is committed to acquiring the American dream...anyway they can. Paulson Gray, aka Silk, is their leader and is determined to make a name for himself. Like his father before him, who is currently a resident of Antioch Island State Penitentiary, Silk begins to make waves in the game.

Following a deal gone bad, Silk has a life altering experience, where he is called into service for GOD's Kingdom. After being given the opportunity to join the special crime initiative, S.C.U.M.M. (Strategic Control, Urban Malefaction Management) in lieu of to going to prison, SILK accepts an undercover assignment to take down his old crew.

SILK struggles to walk through his new life as a Christian amidst the lies and deceit of his job as well as those around him. He questions whether his new life with CHRIST is worth it and wonders why GOD chose to use him, a criminal, for the advancement of HIS Kingdom. Still Silk continues to navigate his former world of corruption where there are few people he can trust and those that he loves want nothing to do with him.

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